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Cody Sheldon

Piano, Euphonium, Beginner Brass, and Violin

Cody Sheldon was born in Des Moines, Iowa in 1989. He discovered his love for piano at a very young age, but didn’t get to start lessons until he moved to Meeteetse, Wyoming in 2000. While in Meeteetse, he focused mainly on piano, but discovered an affinity for low brass instruments in middle and high school. His senior year, he was offered an opportunity to teach kindergarten as a student aide, and that ignited a passion for teaching that inspired him to go to college.

Cody spent three years at Northwest Community College in Powell, Wyoming, where he developed a basic understanding of music theory, and got to perform in larger ensembles such as the Symphonic Band, where he sat first chair his last year, and Collegiate Chorale, where he sang baritone/bass.

After receiving his Associate’s Degree in Music Education, he went on to the University of Wyoming, where he spent 4 years digging deep into music education, learning more about the profession and working on improving his general knowledge base. While at the university, he performed in the UW Symphonic Band, Singing Statesmen, Western Thunder Marching Band, Community Band, and Community Choir. His experiences at the university offered many opportunities to perform and travel.

After graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Education, Cody got a job at Saratoga Elementary School in Saratoga, Wyoming. There, he spent 5 years developing a music program that had all but disappeared, re-vitalizing it into a program the community is proud of. Cody’s philosophy is that anyone can become a musician, and if people are patient and persistent, there is no telling what they can achieve musically.

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