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Dominic Elliott

Guitar, Bass, Ukulele, Piano, Voice

I learned to play the guitar when I was 13 and went on to study the piano and electric bass. Being able to create and perform music is a gift that I am truly grateful for having received at a young age. As a teacher, I want to give this gift to my students.

Ever since I began playing in a band in high school, I’ve continued to perform in different bands and also as a solo performer. I toured the U.S. a few times and I continue to perform in the area.

I write my own songs and encourage my students to do the same. In my years of teaching, I’ve learned that practice makes perfect, setting goals is important, and music comes from within. I enjoy teaching and seeing my students grow into wonderful musicians!

Why I Work Well with Kids

I understand that learning music requires patience, dedication and time. As a kid, I learned guitar because I really liked music and I wanted to play. It was fun for me to learn songs by my favorite bands. My approach to teaching kids is to find out what they are interested in and showing them how to do it. I make it fun for the student so that they are more likely to keep at it.

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