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Harmonic Fundraiser

Dear Friend of Harmonic,

It’s hard to believe that Brigette and I founded the Harmonic Music Foundation five short years ago. When we did, we placed music education at the heart of the Foundation’s mission – Music for Everyone. Five years later, we carry that mission forward just as passionately. The results show in shining faces, grateful words, and a group of people who walk through our doors and are able to be themselves.

One way we are able to continue advancing our mission is by asking friends like you for help. I know this time of year brings about so many demands on your time and good will, but I write today to ask that you consider making a gift to Harmonic. Your fully tax-deductible donation would be particularly meaningful as Harmonic turns five years old.

Your gift will help us continue providing low cost lessons, scholarships, commissions of new music, and concerts that allow everyone to actually engage in music.

This past year, your partnership helped us:

  • Present two sets of recitals, including over 300 students performing in the Spring and Fall events,
  • Expand our facilities to include five additional soundproof lesson studios,
  • Hold our annual teacher concert (the next one will be April 6, 2019),
  • Increase our staff of incredibly educated, talented, and kind instructors, and
  • Provide a path for future musicians to obtain the skills they require to succeed in college music programs and beyond.

As many of you are aware, music education is a cornerstone of the Harmonic Music Studios, a program of the Foundation. What you may not know is that creating new music is another cornerstone of the Foundation. We have been successful in commissioning several full-length compositions including a woodwind octet as well as a guitar and percussion piece. It has been an incredibly exciting and satisfying process; watching these pieces grow from an initial conversation about what the music might sound and feel like, and ultimately seeing it through to the performance of a final score. I can describe listening to the world premiere performance of each piece in two words:


FUNDING FOR NEW COMPOSITION: I am pleased to announce with this letter that I have embarked on a new collaborative musical project. This composition, titled Five American Sketches, focuses on sites located in five cities across the United States. I will also be working with award-winning filmmaker Christoph Green to create an exciting collaboration of music and film. In the end there will be a film with music as well as live performances in all of the cities. This exciting endeavor will be expensive to create and I am asking for your support.

With a project of this scope, I wanted to make sure you were incentivized to contribute to the Harmonic Music Foundation and be a part of the process. Of course a contribution of any size will help, but for digging deep, I will be offering the following incentives for donations:


I realize this letter is long and I thank you for reading it. Words will never be able to express how important the creation of new music is to me. It is the creation of something from nothing more than an idea. I sincerely hope you will help the Harmonic Music Foundation continue fulfilling its mission – Music for Everyone.

To make your fully tax-deductible donation to harmonic, please visit our website at and click on the DONATE button at the top of the page. If you prefer to mail a check, please feel free to do so. Our address is: Harmonic Music Foundation, 5520 Connecticut Avenue, NW, Washington, DC 20015.

Musically and Rhythmically,

Marshall N. Willner, Executive Director
Harmonic Music Foundation

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention that we will be adding several more concerts in 2019. These will include a Harmonic Takes on Broadway (March, 2019), a special concert (September, 2019) to celebrate my birthday (it’s a big one), and a special holiday concert towards the end of the 2019. In addition to all the great things we already do, your tax-deductible donation will help harmonic produce these concerts.

Help us get our message out there.
When people see our logo on an item,
it helps raise awareness for our cause.


display me  bumper sticker and vinyl cling $100.00
 wear me   t-shirt PLUS display me gifts $250.00
 drink me  mug – set of 2 PLUS wear me and display me gifts $500.00
 carry me  new tote bag design PLUS drink me, wear me, and display me gifts $1,000.00
 hear me  CD of the suite of music when it is completed PLUS carry me, drink me, wear me, and display me gifts $2,000.00
 view me  DVD of the film with music when it is completed PLUS hear me, carry me, drink me, and display me gifts $3,000.00
 write me  I will send you handwritten postcards from the cities highlighted in the new musical work PLUS view me, hear me, carry me, drink me, and display me gifts $4,000.00

Your donation in this category receives only that incentive
PLUS everything in this list above

 see me  two minutes of deep eye contact with Marshall $5,000.00
 frolic with me  play date with Potato the Doggo [let’s discuss details] $5,000.00
 paint me  mani/pedi with Marshall – you pick the color [no restrictions on the color] $7,500.00
 scribe me  I will write a poem for you [it will most likely be a love poem] and I will read it at the next harmonic teacher concert [April 6, 2019] $7,500.00
 play for me  invitation for up to 10 people to an intimate performance of the entire suite of music [restrictions apply] $10,000.00
 ink me  matching tattoo with Marshall  – you pick the design, I pick the location [restrictions apply] $15,000.00
 sing for me  let us plan a special concert for you – great for holiday parties, anniversaries, etc. – [restrictions apply] $15,000.00


If none of these donor gifts make you happy, or you would like to make a larger donation, I am happy to discuss meaningful forms of recognition with you. Please forward this to anyone who might be interested in supporting the mission of the Harmonic Music Foundation — “music for everyone”


Harmonic Music Studios is a program of the Harmonic Music Foundation a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.