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Our Philosophy

Music Is For Everyone, Anytime, At Every Level

At the heart of every society– there’s music. Whether it’s bringing people together or used as a catalyst for change, music embodies a spirit that can define a generation. And while it’s known to promote brain function and even higher forms of thinking, music can tap our soul. It can be that thing which brings a smile to your face, improves your day, and makes life a celebration.

Harmonic Music Studios was established to foster this kind of celebration. We provide musical training, education, and provide performance opportunities for children and adults in our music studios based in Washington D.C. Driven by our overwhelming love of music and passion for learning, harmonic has created a fun and nurturing environment where people of all skill levels can come to learn music at their own pace.

Our philosophy is simple. Music appreciation and retention are achieved through both knowledge and discovery. Based on fundamental principles, we guide students of all levels with instruction by talented and educated professionals who know how to inspire and keep music smart, enjoyable, and fun… for everyone.

Welcome to harmonic. Music for everyone.


It’s Great To Start Young

Music is an important part of childhood development. It’s great to get into it at an early age. For younger students, music is known to build confidence and encourages self-expression.

Children are inquisitive social beings that yearn to express themselves. They yearn to connect with the world around them and need to be exposed to new and creative ways of doing that. At harmonic, students can begin lessons as young as five years old in every instrument and voice. In these one-on-one lessons, they can begin their musical journey where they can explore and connect through touch, sound, rhythm, movement, and laughter.

As opposed to being the target of instruction, we guide your child into a world of music that is new and wonderful. It’s just magical to watch and to see the difference it makes in their lives. And…it’s super awesome fun.


Building Your Craft

At harmonic, our core belief is to assist and focus on everyone in a unique and personalized way that is customized to their needs and goals. We don’t prescribe to a set curriculum for beginner, intermediate, or advanced musicians, but rather, we think of everyone as evolving musicians who have a need to progress.

And although everyone is on a different journey, we instill a strong understanding of the foundations along the way. Whether our student’s interests are in Rock, Classical, Country, Hip-Hop, or whatever, they’ll gain a foundational understanding that will make it easier for them to progress or be able to move across genres if ever the need arises. Each of our students will understand scales, warm-ups, instrument care, and everyone will, at least, gain a very basic understanding of music theory. A foundation in music can make a student’s road to discovery much easier and definitely more fun.


For The Serious Player

Many of our students already know the basics and where they want to go with their music. Some have already made the decision to pursue music as a serious discipline and are already far down that path. If this sounds like you, we offer a mentorship that’s designed to help you hone your craft. We will pair up the right person who is appropriate for your style and need. We’ll work with you on technique, expression, and assist you in your creative development.

Regardless of your need, age, or skillset, harmonic is a place that can either introduce you to a world of music or help you cultivate your craft. Feel free to contact us to start the conversation. We’re always happy to connect, show you our space, and see how we can help.

Harmonic Music Studios is a program of the Harmonic Music Foundation a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.