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Amy Hao

Cello, Piano, Beginner Strings

Well-rounded musician and teacher Amy Hao has recently found her dream career path teaching Private lessons and doing Chamber music gigs on the side. 

Amy graduated from University of Maryland College Park at the start of the pandemic with degrees in Music Performance (Cello) in 2019, and Music Education in 2020. As a cellist, Amy studied with National Philharmonic cellist Kerry Van Laanen prior to college and Julliard graduate Dr. Eric Kutz during her years at the University of Maryland.

Amy has been teaching private piano and cello lessons for 6 years and has previously taught Band, Orchestra, General music, Music theory and Piano in public school settings for 3 years.  During her internship and public school teacher days, she has taught at Running Brook ES in Howard County, Shady Grove MS in Montgomery County, Patapsco HS in Baltimore County, Pinebrook ES in Loudoun County, Hyattsville MS in Prince George’s County and finally Robert Goddard Montessori School in Prince George’s County. She has also worked in Summer Music Camps such as SYMC at UMD prior to the pandemic.

Amy is absolutely passionate about music theory and composes and arranges music in her spare time. She is currently arranging music to perform with her friends and is trying to restart a chamber music group. Alongside her friends, she has enjoyed performing chamber music at local weddings and events.

Amy is a believer of social emotional learning and uses cute stuffed animals to teach. She has a unique method of using cute snap bracelet snakes to represent elements of music and uses them to communicate nonverbally with students. Amy is dedicated to finding ways to help motivate and engage neurodivergent children by gamifying learning and rewarding stickers.

When Amy isn’t making music or teaching, she’s living a “cottage-core” life, farming, hiking and chopping wood. Or perhaps she is simply relaxing indoors playing video games and drinking mint tea.

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